The dual mode of action as name given

The dual mode of action of sodium hyaluronate and ectoine provides intensive lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva and prevents the excessive evaporation of the tear film. The resulting stabilisation of the tear film, especially that of the lipid layer, relieves irritated eyes. Therefore, the symptoms of inflammation or those caused by allergy, like burning and itching, disappear.

HYLO DUAL® – The dual mode of action as name given

HYLO DUAL® eye drops with hyaluronan and ectoine provide the eyes with lasting moistness and effectively protect them from irritants from the environment.

HYLO DUAL® lubricates the cornea and conjunctiva, and protects against excessive tear evaporation. The stabilization of the tear film – in particular the lipid layer – relieves eye irritation, which is associated with inflammatory symptoms, or which is caused by allergies. The burning and itchy feeling in the eyes disappears. Burning, itchy and watery eyes, the sensation of having sand in your eyes or dry eyes, are all symptoms of a dry and/or irritated eye. These are often an indication that the eye is not being supplied with enough moisture. Another reason can be hypersensitivity reactions to other substances (e.g. pollen, animal hair or household dust). As the symptoms of such allergies are the same as for dry eyes, it is difficult to decided if you are suffering from dry eyes or if your eyes are irritated due to the allergies.

An overview of the special properties of HYLO DUAL® eye drops:

  • Intensive lubrication for dry and irritated eyes
  • Stabilization of the lipid layer of the tear film
  • Lasting protection against renewed dryness
  • Supporting the body’s own barrier against germs, allergy-inducing substances and irritants.
  • Contain ectoine, which relieves inflammatory processes
  • Highly economical thanks to COMOD® system
  • Free from phosphates and preservatives

HYLO DUAL® eye drops are particularly well-suited to dry eyes with additional irritation due to hypersensitivity reactions. We recommend VitA POS® eye ointment for care for irritated eyes during the night.

HYLO DUAL®: Eye drops for dry, irritated eyes

HYLO DUAL® eye drops provide intensive moisture and protection for dry eyes accompanied by inflammatory symptoms. In addition, the lubricating eye drops also support the healing of eyes irritated by allergies.
The eye is lubricated with an even tear film and intensively moistened with the aid of the two ingredients hyaluronan and ectoine. The oily layer of the film is stabilized and thus the eyes are protected against the tear film drying up. In this way, inflammatory stimulants are relieved considerably and the stressed cornea is supported in its regeneration. In addition, the stable tear film shields the eye more effectively against allergenic stimuli. Thanks to HYLODUAL® eye drops, symptoms such as itching and burning quickly decrease.

Dry eyes, inflammation, allergies – a case for HYLO DUAL® eye drops

There are different reasons why the protective film of fluid over the cornea can rupture and quickly dry up. One cause is insufficient production of lacrimal fluid. Another reason is an incorrect physiological composition of the tears, for example if they contain too little oil. Irritation of the surface of the eye occurs as well as an itchy and burning feeling in the eye. Because of the lack of lubrication, foreign bodies and irritants from the environment can more easily get into the cornea. This can result in irritation of the surface of the eye and inflammation. Contact with substances such as pollen or animal hair can set off allergic reactions in some people’s eyes. These are also accompanied by symptoms of inflammation, redness and watery eyes.
The tear film of dry eyes with concurrent symptoms of inflammation and allergies should therefore be stabilized. HYLO DUAL® eye drops are ideal for this. Alongside moisturising hyaluronan, they also contain ectoine, which gives the tear film particular stability, so that it can work as a natural protective barrier.

Ectoine lubricates, protects and fights against inflammation

HYLO DUAL® eye drops derive their special effectiveness from the additive ectoine. This has excellent water-binding properties and so forms a particularly stable film of fluid on the surface of the eye. In addition, ectoine also has a stabilising effect on the oily layer of the tear film. In that way, the eyes are better protected against fluid evaporation and drying out. Inflammatory symptoms are thus alleviated by ectoine and the stressed tissue is soothed.

Ectoine in nature

Ectoine is a natural substance which, among other things, is formed by bacteria which can survive under extreme environmental conditions. Bacteria, which for example are present in heavily salted waters, produce ectoine to protect themselves from drying out and to preserve their vital cell components from the influences of the hostile surroundings.


HYLO DUAL®: For dry eyes accompanied by symptoms of inflammation and allergy

  • Eye drops containing ectoine and 0.05 % sodium hyaluronate provided in the COMOD® device
  • Stabilisation of the tear film’s lipid layer
  • The ectoine-hydro-complex relieves symptoms of inflammation and allergy
  • Preservative and phosphate free
  • Compatible with contact lenses

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